Welcome to Rosehill College, a school of high expectations and high results. We have challenged and encouraged students for 50 years and past students include many leaders in a wide range of fields as diverse as medicine, rugby and fashion design.

Rosehill College welcomes international students who wish to gain globally recognised qualifications, in an environment designed specifically to assist and guide them to achieve to their fullest potential.

Our focus is on academic achievement across a broad range of subjects, leading to New Zealand’s national qualifications, the internationally recognised National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). It is our expectation that each student who walks through our gates will succeed to the best of their abilities according to their talents, skills and effort.

Rosehill College is well-known nationally and internationally for providing an excellent learning environment and preparing students for future success. International students come from all over the world and diversity is a strong focus at Rosehill College. Both domestic and international students enjoy learning about different cultures and believe that this multicultural focus prepares them well for life in the global community.

Some of our students come for only one term as a way of experiencing a different culture and improving their English. Other students join us for up to five years, gaining NCEA and going on to university in New Zealand or overseas. We offer students an extremely wide choice of academic subjects, sports, music and cultural activities. Whatever the goals, the International Team at Rosehill College is committed to helping students achieve their aspirations.

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