Howick College

Howick College is an innovative, future-focused school where inclusion and diversity are celebrated. We recognise each of our students as individuals and we are committed to provide the widest range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for all our students to meet their individual needs in an environment that is safe, caring, and supportive, and to ensure they have the best personalised learning experience here at Howick College. 

Our vision is to ‘inspire a community of passionate learners’ and we recognise the powerful impact we can have on one another. Inspiration is the key to awaken passion in learning and in life, and where there is passion, there is motivation to succeed. Students who are inspired will be passionate in all facets of life and will influence others in making a positive change. 

Howick College offers a broad range of subjects that enable students to experience the full breadth of the New Zealand Curriculum, to further explore their potentials, to be equipped with capabilities that best prepare them for the future, and to achieve academic success. 

Our young people are fostered and nurtured with an exceptional educational journey in a caring and supportive learning environment that will inspire them to grow and reach their lifelong aspirations to be confident, intelligent, and competent future leaders.  

Join the Howick College family. Be inspired. Be ready for the future. 

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