Elim Christian College

Elim Christian College is a state-integrated school catering for approximately 1200 students from Year 1 (5 years old) to Year 13 across three campuses. It is a vibrant learning community that impacts the whole person and provides quality education founded on a Biblical world-view expressed through strong moral values and character.  

Elim College aims for each student to be inspired, responsible, academically and practically skilled lifelong learners, living their moral values and exploring their potential to achieve personal excellence. 

Our environment is well-disciplined, safe and caring. The curriculum offered meets the requirements of the National Curriculum Statements for all subjects. The core curriculum includes languages, mathematics, science, technology, social studies, the arts, physical education and health.  

Elim College has a strong focus on student achievement and character development.  Our students are inspired to develop high standards of excellence that will enhance their options for tertiary education and future career prospects, along with values that will enable them to live their lives with integrity and purpose.  

We would love to welcome you to our College and encourage you to enquire further.  We have a dedicated International Team who look forward to ensuring your time in New Zealand is a wonderful exciting experience and provide excellent pastoral care and support with your academic journey and career pathway.  

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